Welcome to Innovations in Pilates, the only teacher training and Pilates class program developed to maximise the stretching aspect of the Pilates method.

IIP can be practiced on a mat, or on Pilates equipment, in particular the Pilates reformer. The Reformer, with its variable spring loaded carriage, enables the most subtle of positional changes, essential for locating your tight spots, as well as supporting you in a stretch, and increasing resistance to create strength development too. We think it’s the safest and most effective way of stretching in the world, and Pilates teachers and students around the world are starting to agree! Take a look at our find a teacher page and you’ll see that Innovations in Pilates is practiced in some 20 countries worldwide.


Whether you practice Pilates or not, we’re sure you will find Innovations in Pilates a very safe and effective way to improve you and your clients ease and range of movement, sporting performance and recovery, posture, joint health and flexibility